Awareness Events

Facing Depression Together

An opportunity to learn about depression from a clinical, personal and pastoral perspective, and how we, as the local community, can support those living with depression and their families.

These Awareness Events are free and are open to anyone who would like to attend.  

Awareness Days have been held in Huddersfield, Preston, Penrith, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Warrington and Guildford.

A previous event included:

What is depression?

Dr Gary Sidley, a former Consultant Clinical Psychologist, gave a clinical perspective of what depression is in easy to understand terms.

State of Mind

Danny Sculthorpe, a former Rugby League Prop Forward gave a personal perspective of living with depression.

Supporting those who live with depression

Stephen Normanton gave a pastoral perspective on how communities can include and support people with mental health conditions.

Challenging stigma

A dramatic perspective from MFATS (Misery For All To See), a theatrically based organisation that raises awareness about mental health.

PeerTalk – Facing Depression Together

Rosa Trelfa, PeerTalk Director, gave an introduction to the work of PeerTalk. 


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